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Here are two links to view the building process.

Deco Bed

Jersey Table

Very nice article from the Paradise City Arts Festival guide book.

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  My studio is located in Easthampton Massachusetts on the third floor of  a classic New England Mill building which has been converted into art studios. There I have been creating original design Handmade Furniture for 30 Years. Every piece that comes out of my shop is created 100% by myself from the purchasing of the wood to the applying of the finish. This assures me that every piece that leaves my shop meets my high standards of quality.


  I was formally trained at the Genoa School of Furniture Design in 1989. Genoa offered a unique experience in the in-depth study of Art, Art History,  Technical Drawing, Furniture Design, and Furniture Construction in the traditional handcrafted manner, employing hand and modern machine joinery to a high level of craftsmanship rarely seen in modern times. I spent 2 years as a full-time student and stayed on for another year as an artist in residence/student teacher before relocating to Western Massachusetts.


  Most of my work is made Custom to order. I design and build new pieces of furniture to exhibit at Craft Shows where I meet the public. Projects are often commissioned from my show pieces as a model for design style and an example of my craftsmanship. Clients always ask "how do we start the process", and my answer is always this..."Custom is no problem. If for example you are looking for a bed, yes you can look at the bed's I have made and maybe you will like one of
those, or I can alter that design, or you can look at  any piece in my portfolio, and I can design a piece in that style.  You can also just show me a picture that has some design elements you like. Again, it doesn't  have to be a bed we are looking at to come up with a design for your bed, Or... you can draw a sketch of an idea of your own".  I've had this conversation  with many clients. Below is an example of just that. Some people think, "I can't draw" but when I show them this sketch they say "oh, I can do that".


Client Sketch


My Drawing

Go to Deco Cabinet Page

Final Piece

Because I offer Custom work, it's quite possible you might be looking for a piece of furniture I haven't  made yet. That doesn't mean I can't or won't build it. The opportunity may  have just not come up yet for that particular piece or style.


I think of my designs as my own style but I am influenced by and do produce pieces in styles such as Art Deco, Shaker, Contemporary, Arts & Crafts, also known as Mission, Prairie, or Stickley. Here are some examples of items I can create:  Desks, Bedroom Sets, Entertainment Centers, Audio Cabinets, Dining Tables, Chairs, Wardrobes, Vanities, Mirrors, Hutches, Sideboards, Buffets, CD Cabinets, Bookcases, Built-ins, Computer Desks, Platform Beds, just to name a few. If you are looking for something unique, just ask me.


I am also available to work with Interior Designers, Interior Decorators, Architects and others in the home design trades.


 I have done work for clients all over the country, from Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and New York City just to name the big towns, and many of these clients never met me one on one, but through many E-mail and telephone conversations we would work up a relationship to assure confidence in me and build an excitement to move the project forward. Because the ease of modern times I am able to Email picture updates of the piece as it is being built so the client can see the progress.

All of my clients have been very happy with the results. Below are some E-mails I have received.

"I am very impressed that you listened to all I said and then you DID IT!  Thought the process would be much more difficult but you made it very simple!"

"Perfect on the mirror, you are an amazing listener!"

"It has been our pleasure to meet you and work with you! I consider this an investment in a piece of art.


 As you will recall, when my wife and I came to visit you in your studio last December, we had spent years attending craft shows and frequently visited with custom furniture makers. I had already done extensive research via the internet searching web sites literally all over the world first to get ideas for the "right" design and second to actually locate a craftsman who could do the job and with whom we could comfortably work.

We were pleased to have located your web site and your furniture made us feel at home. You and I started with an exchange of emails and then we visited your studio - immediately getting a sense of comfort with you as a person. It was a plus for my wife and I that you bring your dog to work with you!

You demonstrated maximum flexibility in the design process helping us meld concepts from a couple of existing pieces in your portfolio to arrive at our design. Again we seamlessly used email to exchange the plans that you proposed and you again were flexible in tweaking the design a couple of times until you as the craftsman and we as the customers were totally satisfied.

Thank you again for keeping us posted as you made progress with the actual construction. We thoroughly enjoyed receiving the progress photos. And as I told you when I telephoned you last Thursday, the cabinet is a piece of fine art and that is how we look at it. The design is unique and stunning and the construction is impeccable. I have no doubt it will last several lifetimes.

Again thank you for your timely delivery. The cabinet was in place and illuminated for our dinner party on Saturday evening. Our guests were likewise taken by the beauty of the cabinet. I just want to tell again how pleased we are to have met and worked with you.
Our warmest regards.

I love it. It is perfect. I waited for a long time to buy something special for myself after I sold my home and left a lot of my life behind. The table is special to me on so many levels - it's sturdy, beautiful and made by hand. I truly appreciate your incredible talent and will treasure this heirloom piece forever.
Thanks so much.


Dear Joel -
We are ecstatic about our art deco computer armoire. It is
amazing how you were able to take our rough sketches and transform them into something so beautiful and functional. It is hard to believe it is not an original deco piece -- you so well captured the essence of that era.
It was a pleasure working with you and we hope to do so again.

Warmest regards,
Phil & Robin


Having my bed designed and created by you was a wonderful, fun experience from beginning to end! Somehow you knew what I was looking for and provided the perfect design. The few specifics I requested were perfectly executed. You create beautiful pieces of functional art. I look forward to my next Joel Liebman creation.

Hi Joel

Thanks for the pictures of the beautiful pieces you have recently made. I admire my furniture several times a day. You really made some exquisite pieces for me. 
Hope all is well your end.
Regards Howard

We are so very pleased with the design of the chairs. You are an artist!! As far as the bar stools go, I believe the same idea would work very well, if you again can just do one
of your drawings. Keeping in mind of course the chair rail for the stool and how it can be protected. When sitting at the bar stools our feet are always on the rail. I will work on fabric at this end, or else just come to your connection out there. BRAVO!!
                                                  We are excited!! Thanks, Joel

Hi Joel,

 We absolutely love the furniture Joel. We are very please and are especially appreciative of how easy you were to work with while designing and making the pieces for us.



This is fabulous! I really like it. Jean is away until Friday night and I am not sure if she is checking her mail, but I am going to forward your mail to her and I can almost guarantee she will think it is spectacular. I think you nailed it dead-on. It's so good I wish my wardrobe had it too! lol. I know the color selection is important too, but I think you really outdid yourself on the design.
Thanks for the pictures though. I am very pleased with what you created and I know Jean will be too. It is getting very exciting as you get closer to finishing the furniture.

Thanks again,


Hi Joel:
I received it today, in excellent shape. It is exactly what I had
wanted, and your taste in making it matches what I would have asked for if I were sophisticated enough.

I'll treasure it.
Stay well,


It was so nice visiting with you. We LOVE the table and are proud to be part of your fan club. We have been on the go since we got together hence this long over due note. Thank you for adding a great table and piece of art to our home. Come back any time for visit.

Dear Joel,

It is perfect and looks great. I hope you feel the same.

It was easy as pie to get together and it holds all of my bedtime stuff. I have attached all the photos.

Thank you again.

You are a very talented man. Good luck to you.


Joel - it was so good to meet you this weekend! I love my bed - it looks perfect in the room.....a few more pieces and tweaks, and it will be my escape....I hope you had fun at the festival - remember, if you come up again, I'd love to have dinner with you and your treat. Also, at some point we shall talk about the next piece and what that might be.

Thanks for a beautiful piece of art and beautiful, peaceful sleep.



Desk arrived this AM and it is absolutely beautiful! It is perfect in every way. The Plycon people thought it heavier than most, but moved it in and set it up without any problems. Annie is thrilled and now can't wait till next school year to get started doing homework in her very own space which I might just have to take over from time to time.


Jim and Judy

Dear Joel:

Thank you for the first decent, family heirloom piece in our home. We're really psyched!

Best, Mary

WOW!!! IT IS GORGEOUS! Really beautiful work Joel. Splendid!!!!

It's here and in, and fabulous! The guys did a great job putting it
together - not so much as a teeny nick or scratch anywhere.  It really is something. Thank-you so much!


Dear Joel,

The desk just arrived in ship-shape condition and is gorgeous. I was a bit concerned that we had created an unwieldy behemoth when I saw its first picture but it fits perfectly into its space and looks great there. Your work is beautiful.

Thank you,


Hi Joel.........I have to add my thanks to Jim's. We love everything. I told Jim I wish you had built all the furniture in our house!! It is exquisite. Everything else pales in comparison. . Thanks again! Judy

It's gorgeous! it's exactly what I wanted. Thanks for the photos!


The piece looks amazing. It is hard to believe a Yankee fan
could do such beautiful work :-D!
Thanks, Bruce

The bed went together fine, it looks great, and we love it.

The lower footboard also has the wonderful effect of making our bedroom seem larger.

You do great work - and I am thrilled we have two of your pieces.

If you ever get South, let us know in advance so you can come see them !


Hey Joel,
It is Gorgeous!!!
My wife and I are wallowing in the T.V. console, and what it's done to the room. We haven't come down yet.

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All pieces shown are available for "Custom" reproduction including

dimensions, choice of woods and even design.
Joel would be happy to work with you to design the exact piece you are looking for.

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