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If You Don't See Exactly What You Have In Mind, We Can Design It Together.

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velvet lined coin case

Coin Collectors Case

A good client came to me after having purchased stock "cheap" coin cases online looking for something nicer. He loved Cherry and Black accents. We discussed his needs. Something that can hang on the wall or sit on a tabletop, a nice gold colored catch, and red velvet wrapped around a board that would except pins to hold the coins in place. Originally we had talked about wood strips for the coins to sit on but decided to go with the push pins. I can make cases for coins or any collectables like this one in any size and choice woods.

cherry display case
velvet line display case
wall hung collectors case

All pieces shown are available for "Custom" reproduction including

dimensions, choice of woods and even design.
Joel would be happy to work with you to design the exact piece you are looking for.

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Nov.  2018

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