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Video at Flagpole

Video from lower baseball field


Above are some low quality videos I took on  6/19/2004 from my digital camera

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Reunion 2009 NYC

Click here for pictures taken at Camp 8/22/01

My return to Camp Woodcliff,    (it's still there!!)

During the month of August I had received a handful of emails and pictures from former Woodcliff campers, and followed by a conversation with my old camp buddy and still friend Jordan telling me of his visit to the camp and how open the present staff was to visitors from the past and how they enjoyed the old stories, I could not resist a road trip. And so an easy 2 drive and whoa, there I was back in my old stomping ground. Spent almost an hour chatting with Jack Thomas camp director up by the office and learned alot of the changes and stories of their 15-year run as Camp Madison. Enjoying our conversation, I was getting anxious to start exploring. And that I did. I walked "Everywhere" in that Camp. Went up Hernia Hill… funny thing, that hill was always a small challenge to get up, but hey "that wasn't hard". I guess just shorter legs?

So much of the Camp was exactly the same, and I was glad to have my digital camera to click away, even silly pictures that meant something to me because of what happened on that exact spot. The kids there at Camp Madison have something special, and I know you know what I'm talking about. I talked with one little girl who was there for her fourth summer, and yes she loves it….. who wouldn't, right. Those who don't know, Woodcliff was bought by the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club based out of NYC. Boys and girls many from the Bronx spend 3 weeks at a time there at the Camp. You can view their web page HERE!

So what's more to say, It was great fun to be there and I sure wish I could go back in time and spend another summer at Camp Woodcliff.

A final note, later that night as I got back home I had the T.V. on and on the news is a special on Camp Agassiz. A summer camp in Maine for inner city kids from Boston. The camp had a similar feel to Woodcliff, they were in there dinning room singing table songs, something we did at camp, and then as I changed the channels there was a special on about the music of the sixties, and there was clips from Woodstock festival, hey I was just in Woodstock today, yes I know the festival was actually 30 miles from the town. Both sightings a strange coincidence.

So the next page has some pictures to view….. Don't forget to drop me a line and think about those pictures you have that would make a great addition to this site….  Joel