Mess-o-Puppy's He's in there somewhere

My Baby 6 weeks

Someone stopped me in the street, "Is he for real?"

Always something to do.

When I first moved in a shy dog (Sasha) would come and visit but always kept her distance... until Jasmine arrived.... Best play friend one could have. They played hard and was "always" gentle... Sad day when she moved.

One day I'll grow into these paws

There's many ways to use a hammock

Three Friends

Always Loved and Gentle

Play sets are for Dogs too!!!

Does a Golden like water ?    Does a Bear  $#^!  in the woods ?

Always willing to share!!!!!

Of course I'm allowed on the couch... "Dogs are people Too!!

Anyone for a sled ride ? And yes I do Hang 20.

My growl is worse then my Bite, actually I never do bite.....

Old Man

You know, I'd rather just stay in if you don't mind.

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Apprentice in training